In Memory Of

Duncan Frederick Krueger

PFC - E3 - U.S. Army
Age 18, Single
Delta Company
2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry
1st Cavalry Division, Airmobile
Born: September 9, 1947
From West Allis, Wisconsin
Tour began August 16, 1965
Died: Wednesday, November 17, 1965
Ia Drang Valley - South Vietnam
Cause: Small Arms Fire

From the book, "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young," comes a quote from PFC James Shadden. "The ones not killed in the first volley, hit the dirt, with the exception of our radio operator, Duncan Krueger. I saw him still standing a few seconds later, until he was shot down. I have no idea why he didn't get down." PFC Krueger was killed where he stood. From a web site of the Wood National Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin comes this. "The first Vietnam victim to be buried in the cemetery, PFC Duncan F. Krueger, 18, of West Allis, was killed in action on Dec 2, 1965. He was buried at the cemetery on December 7, 1965." Full military honors are accorded each veteran buried in this cemetery. These begin with an impressive ceremony at the Chapel, followed by the Salute to the Dead and "taps" at the graveside.