When I think of Henry, I like to remember when we were on board the transport ship, the USNS General Maurice Rose, headed for Vietnam. With nothing to do in the evenings, we would sit out on the deck of the ship to enjoy the warmth of the Pacific Ocean nights. We liked to stand leaning over the rails while we played a little game. Each of us would take turns thinking of something, like the moon, an orange, or a car, anything that came to mind. It was then up to the other person to sing a song with that item in the song, whether it was a real song or made up. Other troopers sitting on deck would listen to us, laugh at us and along with us. It was good fun to pass the time. Henry was just like that, always ready to talk or engage in some hard work. Awarded the Bronz Star in combat, it shows the full measure of this man. He was certainly special and is sorely missed.

PFC - E3 - U.S. Army
Age 25, Married
Alpha Company
2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry
1st Cavalry Division, Airmobile
Born: July 16, 1940
From Fresno, California
Tour began August 16, 1965
Died: November 17, 1965
Ia Drang Valley - South Vietnam
Cause: Small Arms Fire

In Memory Of

Henry Thomas Luna